Our Policies

In-Car Instruction

The driving portion of the program consists of six (6), one-hour lessons. Scheduling of the private driving lessons is done on a "first come, first serve" basis. Students must have their permits from the BMV prior to scheduling driving lessons. Additionally, students must have their permits with them each time they drive. We will not take a student out for driving without the permit. The driving lessons begin and end at the driving school or satellite location based on your area. Students must wear secured shoes for driving lessons. Students are NOT to wear "flip flops," loose sandals, or high platform shoes for driving appointments. To be safe, we recommend you wear sneakers. This rule is for your safety as a student and the safety of our instructors. NOTE: If you do show up without appropriate shoes we will have to reschedule your driving lesson and you will be charged a $30 "late cancellation" fee.

In-Car Cancellation

Due to the state-wide shortage of licensed instructors, once a student schedules his/her actual in-car lessons, these lessons are firm; to be fair to all students waiting to get scheduled and the instructors. We require that all cancellations and changes of driving appointments be made at least 24 hours prior to the start of a scheduled lesson. Should we not receive at least a 24-hour notice, there will be a $30.00 "no show" or "late cancellation" fee. (this policy is NOT a negotiable.) We know things come up from time to time but we simple want to be fair to our driving instructors. Their time is valuable, and we want to pay them for it even if they get "no showed" or must sit around do to a late cancellation. Note: Students who fail to bring the permit with them for the driving appointments will be charged a "cancellation" fee since we cannot drive students without their permit present.

As a courtesy, in the chance occasion that we are able to fill your late cancelled drive we will not charge you the fee.

Obtaining your driver education permit

To obtain a driver education permit, students must be at least 15 years of age. We will need to see the student's birth certificate or current Passport, in order to issue the state form (C.D.E. form) needed for the student to obtain his/her permit from the BMV. We are currently working on approval to digitally send this form to you via email but until then you will need to come into our office to receive it or we can mail it to you. Once the online portion has been completed, and the driving school has received a copy of the student's certificate of completion, the driving school will then set up six (6) one-hour private driving lessons.

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