Traditional Classes

Online classes are not always the best option for some students. Online programs aren't always beneficial for students who may have learning disabilities, ADD, have attempted the permit test without success, or struggle to self-motivate. For this reason, we offer in-person "traditional" classes throughout the year, most of them being offered in the summer.

We strive to make our classes as engaging and informative as possible. We achieve this through presentations, discussions, videos, group activities, Kahoots, and guest speakers. Our state-of-the-art classroom is spacious and comfortable to create an ideal learning environment. We can also provide accommodations for students who have IEPs or who have some challenges such as having the test read to them, if needed.

All classroom packages include 30 Hours In-Person Class & 6 Hours Behind-the-Wheel.

All material is provided in the classroom, which includes textbooks, workbooks, state driver's manual, and other informative documents.

Please note: Students MUST be able to attend every day (all 30 hours) to meet the state requirement. If you know your student can't make it some of the days, I recommend signing up for another class in the future that works better for them or sign up for our online program instead. If a student does miss a class due to an emergency or illness, then they will need to make the class day up they missed on a future class (if there is space) and may be charged a makeup fee. Until the missed class is made up, they will not be considered as completed for the classroom portion.

Due to limited space, classes will fill up fast. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office M-F 10:00-5:00 @ 317-844-5542

To check for upcoming classes, pricing or to register for an upcoming class, please click the blue register button below.


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