Behind The Wheel Program

30 hours online Instruction & 6 hours of Behind-the-wheel lessons $419 (Special Price)

This option is our best deal and is perfect for teenagers 15 years or older who want to obtain their permit as early as possible (16 years & 90 days). The package meets all the state requirements for driver's education. This option also allows the student to take the Road Test with us and not have to at the BMV.


6 hours Behind-the-wheel lessons only $360 (Special Price)

This option is for students (adults and minors) who have already done an approved online program elsewhere and have already obtained a permit. Please keep in mind that to be eligible to take the Road Test with us you must have taken an Indiana approved online course through us or elsewhere and the 6 hours of driving. Otherwise you must take it with the BMV.


Individual 1 hour Behind-the-wheel lesson $85/$55 (if add on to package)

This option is for teenagers and adults who already have there permit and wish to just get some practice with a professional instructor. With this option you can choose to work on a specific skill as well (e.g. parallel parking). However, if you have already purchased the online and 6 drive package with us and feel you need more practice (the rate is discounted)


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