How old must the student be to enroll in your driver education program?
How much does your program cost?
Can anyone enroll in your program?
How much instruction time does each student receive?
When do I apply for a learner permit?
What documentation do I need to receive his/her permit?
When is the road test given and can I take it with the driving school instead of at the BMV?
What is the benefit to taking the Road Test with AA Indiana Driving School instead of the BMV?
After completing your program, when is my child eligible to receive a probationary license?
I've completed the online class through another online provider, can I schedule in-car instruction only?
I have not started the program since enrollment. Can I start now?
Is there a limit to how many driving lessons I can take in a week?
What days and times are the behind-the-wheel driving lessons scheduled?
Am I supposed to have practiced driving with my parents before my behind-the-wheel lesson?
Do I have the same instructor for each lesson?
Can I request a particular instructor?
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