Road Test

We offer this service for individuals who have taken and passed both an online class AND 6 BTW lessons. The online program may be taken elsewhere but the driving lessons must be taken with our school to be allowed to take the Road Skills Test with us. We can NOT offer it to anybody who did NOT do an online program.

This is the final road test required by the state to get your license. Our road test DOES take the place of having to take one at the BMV.

When taking the Road Skills Test with our school versus the BMV the student does not have to wait until they are 16 years and 90 days old or have completed their 50-hour log before they can take it. At the BMV you do have to meet these requirements first. Another benefit of taking the Road skills test at our school, is the benefit of being able choose an instructor they already had for their driving lessons making it less stressful and nerve-racking for the student.

Road Test $40

Please Note that the state does not allow us to even schedule the test until all 6 of the driving lessons have been completed and passed. To signup please call our office at (317) 844-5542 or Toll-Free (888) 922-4639

Call us at 317-844-5542
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