AA Indiana Driving School
is the only AAA approved driving school in Hamilton, Bartholomew, Hancock, Decatur, Putnam, and
Fountain counties.




New Palestine Policy and Procedure


Online Program:
To enroll your child in the online program you must first stop in the Carmel office with the tuition and student's birth certificate.  The driving school will then issue the code (necessary for completing the online), and the C.D.E. form (certificate of driver education) necessary for obtaining the permit at the BMV. 


Students may access the online program 24/7, but may not complete the course any sooner than two (2) weeks (14 days).  Once the student has completed the online portion of the program, he/she is require to provide the driving school with a copy of the "Online Certificate of Completion" in order to be eligible to have the driving sessions scheduled.  NOTE: The driving school will not schedule any of the driving sessions until the certificate has been received.   Upon scheduling the first driving session, the State requires that the six (6) 1-hour driving sessions are completed within four (4) months (120 days). 


*As of july 1, 2012 all student's applying for a permit at the bmv must successfully pass the written exam prior to having the permit issued.


In-car instruction:
The driving portion of the program consists of six (6) private one-hour driving lessons.  Students must have their permit prior to scheduling the driving sessions.   The driving lessons start and end from New Palestine High School.
Students must wear secured & closed-toed shoes for each lesson; flip-flops, open-toed shoes, and platforms will not be accepted.   If a student cancels, misses a drive, does not have proper shoes on, or have the permit with them, this will be considered a "no show."  There is a $30.00 charge assessed to any missed driving sessions, and the driving school will not reschedule the missed drive(s) until the fee(s) have been paid.  (this is non-negotiable). There is to be no switching or trading of driving sessions; all scheduling concerns are to be directed to the Carmel office.  The class and driving instructors will not be able to assist with the scheduling or cancelling of the driving sessions. 


For information on the programs offered at New Palestine High School or Mt. Vernon High School please contact:
Lee Collier @ 861-4417 ext. 210


For information on the online program please contact:
AA Indiana Driving School, Inc. @ 317-844-5542 (Carmel Office)